Tandoori Restaurant

Situated on the 95-97 Church Road, Hove our 37 yr old family restaurant Ashoka Tandoori has brought to its diners the fine taste of traditional cooking in a clay oven where the food is exposed to live fire using wood or charcoal giving it a distinct rustic flavor.

A holistic approach to food that it needs to be natural and balanced with all the six tastes incorporated & combined with the restaurant's ambiance delivers to provide an exceptional dining experience. Our chefs are experts whose cuisines have graced the tables of leading hotels in all major cities of India.

Traditional Methods

Our chefs are trained in the preparation of tandoori cuisine using the traditional clay oven where the food is cooked over an intense fire using either charcoal or wood. What adds to the flavor is the chef's expert use of freshly ground spices, marinade and the oven with the right temperature that gives the dish the distinctive smokey flavor and soft texture!!.

  • This restuarant has retained a very high standard for many years. Still excellent.

    − Brian Tawse −
  • Such friendly hard working staff who take good care of you. The food is good, really fresh, great variety and not too expensive. Also a take away. Would recommend.

    - Caro Joy -

Contact information


95-97 Church Rd,
Hove BN3 2BA, UK

  • +44 1273 734193